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Avvolgimi encloses a personal journey which begins by discovering ourselves and ends with the free and resolute choice of self-expression.
People who lack sensitivity and empathy, too often, even unconsciously, cause some psychological effects, they influence us to the point that at times we end up obsessed.

The verbal violence and, in my own case, the physical one, has been in fact a painful turning point.
A strong need of protection and comfort arose from that, pushing me firstly outward, looking for help in vain, but eventually reconnecting me with my most intimate and blissful dimension.

This collection embodies the power within us, it celebrates life and people who find the courage to be themselves at any cost, breaching the tedious sexual standards and gender roles.

It ultimately criticises the bigotry in today’s society and hypocrites who accept it, but actually they’re sadly pretending to be free.