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Anveilmi from “unveil” expresses the concept of unveiling yourself and revealing your authenticity and
the need of covering yourself up as a way to protect and shelter your soul from prejudices and detriment.
Indeed the collection interchanges two opposing elements: the feathers and the eco-friendly furs.
The feathers lightly unveil whereas the eco-friendly furs warmly cover.
The use of feathers is no coincidence, they represent freedom, hope and purity and they’re associated
with the air, the sky and the ethereal symbolizing dreams and inspiration.
In Native American tradition, feathers were given to brave and heroic warriors as a token of distinction
and greatness.
In the same way, the collection is a hymn to spiritual ennoblement and superior intelligence since Art
like Love lifts the human spirit.
Ultimately for the purpose of celebrating the female strength and resilience and to fully support diversity
and gender fluidity and in contrast to the previous collections , for the first time , male and female models
stride down the runway, scrambling once again the notions of masculinity and femininity.