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Abbracciami means “Hug me” and is dedicated to my father. I always work on my own exeriences, that’s why it’s hard for me to explain my themes. This time I choose to talk about the relationship between me and my father when I was a child. Classic man of South Italy, the boss of the family. I never had moments “dad-son”, not because of him, but just because of his for- mation during hard times in his past. He is the man that shows you that he loves you throught bad act, for example no hugs and no sweetiest things like usually the moms doing. Unfortunatelly I got this just when I grew up. I real- ly missed my father when I was just a kid, but for lucky I had all my brothers and sister that gave me a lot of love. Grewing up I realized that I had to face up with my dad. We had a lot of problems, about my homosexuality, about the school and about a lot of thing. But now our relationship it’s good. We can talk about everything, he is changed in positive sense with me. In this collection I played with a lot of bows because for me it.